LeapFrog: The Letter Factory (2003) DvDrip
Language: English
34 Min | 720 x 384 | 23.976fps | 192Kbps | 251 MB
Genre: Short | Family

Withan idea to create a talking letter book, Dad has an importantpresentation for his boss, Mr. Websley! When the family joins him at theletter factory where he works, the decide to pitch in to help. Tad, theyoungest sibling, leaves the group when he admits to not knowing thesounds that letters make. He soon finds Professor Quigley, who offershim a tour of the letter factory with stops in rooms dedicated to eachletter of the alphabet. In each room, letters are being trained to maketheir appropriate sounds. By the time he reaches Z, Tad knows all hisletter sounds, Dads presentation is a success, and Mr. Websleystalking letter book is destined to be a top seller


LeapFrog: The Letter Factory (2003) DvDrip XviD AC3-MRX (Kingdom-Release)


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