So I still haven’t gotten around to recycling of all of these empty DVD cases. Now I am trying to think of how to reuse them. Hmmmm… {wheels turning} …. and this is what I came up with….

… a coloring case! It’s kind of an updated version of a crayon roll complete with paper storage. Now this is not just for kids! I would keep one in my purse so when inspiration strikes I can take it out and sketch and write down ideas!! Using color too!

Want to use your DVD cases too? Here’s how to make one….

{gather your supplies}

empty DVD case {now, every DVD case is slightly different so you may need to make adjustments depending on the style of case you have}

thin cardboard {I used an old USPS mailing box}

card stock


colorful paper {for the outside artwork}

spray adhesive {this is going to be your best friend for this project!}

utility knife and self healing mat

{what you do}

This first part is a little tricky. You need to cut out the part of the case that holds the DVD {the round part that the DVD clicks into} so you have a flat surface so your writing tools will fit and the case will be able to close. To do that, place a self healing mat in between the outside plastic cover and the case so when you cut you will not cut the outside cover. Using a utility knife, carefully cut around the DVD holder. I found that using smaller, shallow cuts is the way to go and not cutting through the plastic all at once. Make sense so far?

Here is what mine looks like after being cut….

Now, cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside that space…

Cut a piece of fabric to wrap around the cardboard. Use spray adhesive to glue the fabric onto the cardboard.

Cut another piece of fabric for the pocket. I cut mine so the pocket would come up a little more than half as tall as the case. Once you measure, double the height so when you fold the fabric in half it will be the right size. Iron so you have a crisp fold.

Lay the pocket down and put some pencils on top. This will help create enough room for the pencils in the pocket.

Place the fabric covered cardboard on top of the pencils.

Fold over the sides of the pocket and use spray adhesive to glue down the pocket.

I used a little tape to help the corners stay down.

Glue the pocket into the case using spray adhesive. Glue over the hole you cut.

Cut some paper to fit in the case and place it under the tabs for the DVD info.

Cut a piece of decorative paper for the cover art. Decorate as you wish. Insert the cover. I don’t have a picture but, I cut a piece of card stock and glued it to the outside of the case but inside of the plastic cover over the hole that I cut. This just makes the outer cover more smooth. I hope that makes sense :).

Enough room for about 14 pens or pencils.

The clips were perfect to hold a stack of paper.

These would be great for kids as a traveling coloring case, in the car, on a walk, in the classroom. A perfect, compact art studio and sketchbook for anyone!

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